Acknowledgment is a state of mind and an emotion of being. It’s a constant.

It’s the knowledge that no matter what, you have a network around you to keep you going, even in your darkest times.

Friends; family; loved ones; colleagues; even virtual strangers online that have somehow become some of the most important people in your life.

It’s never giving up, because you’re thankful for the lessons learned even when failing.

It’s acknowledging your weaknesses; your frailties; your mortality, and loving yourself for it.

It’s about recognizing the same faults in others yet loving them for it as well.

It’s about genuine emotion. Raw, down-to-the-core emotion with no barriers.

Acknowledgment helps us make better choices in the decisions that really matter.

  • We can choose to be ignorant.
  • We can choose to be negative.
  • We can choose to be naysayers and put people down.

But that’s easy. Anyone can do that, and do it well.

Acknowledgment, though? Full, 100% acknowledgment?

That comes from the recognition of belief that, despite those who would be ignorant, who would be negative, who would put people down…

Despite these people, the world around us, the world of us, is a good place.

Or can be.

People with good hearts – with grateful hearts – making a statement. Drawing a line in the sand. Planting their placeholder and saying, “We’re one.”

That’s where change lies.

That’s where real acknowledgment and honest hearts lie, and I’m grateful that we’re a living part of that.

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